Key Points of Functional Medicine You Need to Know

Have you heard of Functional Medicine but aren’t sure how it could impact your life? Are you sick of feeling sick?

Hear from Jeff, owner of Upstream Functional Medicine, as he dives into the key points of Functional Medicine that you need to know. In this short training, you’ll learn…

  • Proactive vs. Reactive care
  • Why you aren’t getting the answers and results that you need
  • Five Pillars of Health

We empower you to have lifelong sustainable results by offering a well-rounded education based on a combination of understanding where your body needs support & the emerging science of functional medicine.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

“I had an immediate improvement going through the program. My brain fog is gone!”
– Kevin
“I feel better than I have ever felt! Even after having cancer.”
– Sherry
My stomach is much better and I’m almost off all of my heart medication!”
– Becky
“Now I can function through the day and get home and still have energy for my family”
– Nader

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